“Our commitment to quality : A message from the President”


Bay Cities Produce is a family owned and operated produce distributor and processor. It has been family owned for two generations and in business for over 60 years.  Located in San Leandro, California, Bay Cities has specialized in the distribution and processing of gourmet foods for the fresh food industry in the bay area and beyond.

Bay Cities Produce is committed to the sustainable concept of food safety. Our food safety mission is to :

1. Sustain the customer :  Fresh, food safe and nutritious gourmet foods at a reasonable price that support the long term goals of Bay Cities Produce.

2. Sustain the food safety supply chain concept : Good agricultural and solid food safety programs at all levels that reflect solid quality concepts and food safety principles that go to support the long term goals of Bay Cities Produce.

3. Sustain the environment :  Good agricultural, solid food safety and worker welfare programs that respect and care for all our resources, employees, family’s and the environment.

It is the first tenant of Bay Cities Produce to put quality and safety first.  The way this tenant is institutionalized is through the following four methods. This ensures our intention of providing safe and legal products :

1. Through written and exercised policy – Every policy and program is based on solid research, institutional experience or practices and customer requirements.  Every self inspection shall also review the Quality and Safety Policy and require senior management to acknowledge that prerequisite programs and the HACCP program are operationally robust.

2. Through systems which check and recheck standards – These are developed using the AIB prerequisite programs to ensure validity.

3. Through a facility – Where quality is built into the process, equipment and building.

4. Through continuous and repetitious employee education – The labor company reinforces this policy and adjunct others during training.

The quality and safety policy of Bay Cities Produce is to build this program based on “hands on” management involvement.  In the end it is the customer that dictates our quality program, yet we reserve the right to maintain our high standards, which reflects the Bay Cities Produce commitment to our stated sustainable food safety standards.

Steve Del Masso,