Fresh Cut Fruits & Vegetables


Bay Cities Produce offers a complete line of custom cut produce processed daily in our state of the art facility in San Leandro, CA. Our custom cuts are also available from conventional and certified organic produce.

We split many of our full case products to provide the quantity that you need. 

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Monthly Newsletter


Welcome spring. We haven’t seen the totals yet but it appears that March did a good job bringing our water levels where they should be. Snow pack is up there as well. For as much rain and snow fall as we received, it came in such a matter that it didn’t cause as much damage as last year. Our transition back to California is nearly complete, all things considered, nice job California. Mexico is doing its job as well, running a long season on many crops, starting early on others. One of the big questions this time of year is how well the tree fruit set went. The blooms seem to come earlier each year and the rains later, we’ll know in about a month.

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Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Welcome to online ordering, if you have any questions or need to place an order immediately please contact us at 510-346-4943