Fresh Cut Fruits & Vegetables


Bay Cities Produce offers a complete line of custom cut produce processed daily in our state of the art facility in San Leandro, CA. Our custom cuts are also available from conventional and certified organic produce.

We split many of our full case products to provide the quantity that you need. 

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Monthly Newsletter


We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Get ready for more food and festivities to follow later this month. I saw a post on Facebook that said to remember to set your scales back 10 lbs. but that ain’t enough! It seems like each year we come up with more ingenious ways to serve sugar. One must be considerate of the baker’s feelings and sample everything! I was pleased to see that Bacon made it into the Thanksgiving mix with the bacon- wrapped turkey (and you thought it couldn’t get any better!) It just seems wrong to me when they take the bacon out of the Brussels Sprouts, Beans and Corn. It is that time of the year to consider the feelings of others and work on acceptance. I read that somewhere.

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