Fresh Cut Fruits & Vegetables


Bay Cities Produce offers a complete line of custom cut produce processed daily in our state of the art facility in San Leandro, CA. Our custom cuts are also available from conventional and certified organic produce.

We split many of our full case products to provide the quantity that you need. 

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Monthly Newsletter


I do not know how this thing works, but I find myself needing to do a go fund me thing. This shelter in place deal comes with a cost. The wife and her mom are themselves keeping the economy afloat. I knew something was amiss when the parcel guy handed me a birthday card. I should not complain, those women have taken cooking to a new level. I am afraid it shows. Last week I was in the process room doing the deep cleaning of the wash flumes. This requires getting into some interesting positions, crawling under and popping up in-between the flumes, something I have done before, but this time I got stuck and could not turn around. Much to the pleasure of my coworkers. We must find humor somewhere. Read More..

Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Welcome to online ordering, if you have any questions or need to place an order immediately please contact us at 510-346-4943