Fresh Cut Fruits & Vegetables


Bay Cities Produce offers a complete line of custom cut produce processed daily in our state of the art facility in San Leandro, CA. Our custom cuts are also available from conventional and certified organic produce.

We split many of our full case products to provide the quantity that you need. 

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How many shopping days left until Christmas?

Produce is moving, some items quickly and some slowly. It appears that California has held out well and our transition areas will be ready when we are. Last year you’ll remember that California planted light due to water rationing which made early transition a necessity. This year the first sustained frost will probably pull the trigger on row crops. You’ll see the “COOL” change back and forth a bit until all the local guys are done. “COOL” (country of origin labeling) on our invoice where you see L1, L2, L3 representing the California local areas will be replaced by MX for Mexico, and AZ for Arizona, ST for Steve’s backyard, GP for George’s, our editor’s backyard. Good news there is that his crops are now legal.

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